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  • Fight

    Please pray for me. I am disabled person dependent on a family member, the only person I have to help me. We got into a huge fight today. I am very hurt and angry and have nowhere to turn. I am crying and overwhelmed. Thanks
  • Financial help

    Lord, I have debt due to a job loss from the economy, a large electricity bill and house needs. Please help supply the money so I can pay my bills. The stress is keeping me up at night. Amen
  • God's voice to be heard.

    My friend is in need of prayer for trusting in God so much right now. She is going through so much and needs God's peace in her life. She is making decisions and moves that she needs to trust The Lord in. He spoke these things to her and now she is doubting it was from Him. Please God, wrap her in Your arms and show her Your faithfulness.
  • Into his Fathers arms.

    Please pray for my dad who is in the last days of his life here. That he would go peacefully into his Daddy's arms when He calls him home. That our family would have peace and comfort knowing he is finally home for eternity.
    Thank you so much
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Daily Devotional

Max Lucado

Peace Treaties of Love

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

Max's Message:

Jesus described for his followers what he came to do. He came to build a relationship with people. He came to take away enmity, to take away the strife, to take away the isolation that existed between God and man. Once he bridged that, once...

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