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  • Niece needs Help

    My niece is a senior in High School and she has not yet turned in her senior paper. I guess they can’t graduate if they don’t turn it in. She had a very rough past couple of years (her parents had a very messy divorce). Her school councilor assigned Saturday School for her this Saturday to finish the paper. I would really appreciate prayers to reach her heart to go and finish her papers. THANK YOU!
  • family weekend

    Please pray that when family is visiting on Feb 13,14 and 15th that it will be a blessing to all. Pray our son and son in law be blessed with each other. That the Lords peace and love will permeate our home during their visit. Pray that we all will enjoy each other immensely. Give me peace while I host a full house, give me the gift of hospitality so all will feel comfortable and blessed. Pray for safe travels. Thank you
  • (no subject)

    Pry for a peaceful sleep
  • Grandson

    Pls pray he will not be found to have learning delays but that only his eyes need correcting & that they can be corrected by healing or glasses soon!
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Max Lucado

Just the Way You Are

Saturday, February 6th, 2016

Max's Message:

It's dangerous to sum up grand truths in one statement, but I'm going to try. If a sentence or two could capture God's desire for each of us, it might read like this: God loves you just the way you are, but he refuses to leave you that way....

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