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  • Pray for my studies/mother/brother

    I would like prayer for my faith, there are a few things I am worried about and I pray that God would show me he is in control. My mind is messed up and I have a lot of fear/anxiety/depression. I pray God helps me with my studies and that I keep the faith that God will bless me beyond what I ask or imagine. I pray my Mom keeps the dog that she has on a trial basis, it is a smart dog, a border collie but he doesn't always mind and my mom doesn't like that about him, but I think the dog can come around, I pray God helps give my mom wisdom on what to do. I pray for my brother Jarod that he grows in his mind and heart and comes to a closer relationship with God, my brother has so much potential.
  • job security

    My 6 month review is coming up and that's when they will decide whether or not to keep me permanently. The closer we get to it the more Satan tries to attack me, I really love this job and would love for it to be my lifetime job, please pray that they will make it permanent when the time comes, thank you.
  • My son is in need of Gods Strength...

    my adult son called last night me very sad to tell me he isn't doing well at all he misses his daughter who is in n. Carolina permantely. he feels financially strapped and has taken to drinking again..he seemed very depressed I gave him my best but he needs your prayers...(tears) ty all of you...
  • Our family in need of prayer

    We have been blessed with a beautiful family and right now we are apart from my husband due to him having to move away to find a job and we have not been able to have him come see us. We are in process of selling our house and even though we thought it would sell fast and we would be able to see him soon it has not. I know that thing will be okay soon but we need of prayers for our family to be together soon. And away from the one person that has done so much harm to our family we pray that she find God some day.

    Thank you all, God Bless.
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Max Lucado

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Monday, September 26th, 2016

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To the original readers, those last four word were explosive: 'the curtain--Christ's body.' According to the writer, the curtain equals Jesus. Hence, whatever happened to the flesh of Jesus happened to the curtain. What happened to his...

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