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  • Travel

    My sister and her husband are traveling tonight across the country with their three small children. They are stuck in Detroit, MI with a canceled flight and limited options. Their airline says that they are not able to get them on another fligth until Sunday. Because she only comes home once per year, she is sick about missing precious days and memories that had been preplanned. Please pray for the Tipton family tonight. Pray that they will find another airline carrier that can keep them together and somehow, she can get home tomorrow.
  • Financial distress

    I am under a heavy financial burden! I started receiving food stamps last month, and am so thankful to the Lord for them!
    I believe I am under a severe mental and emotional attack from Satan! I love the Lord, and I claim a lot of scriptures, but I am plagued with fear, depression, discouragement, anxiety, and very low self-esteem. I'm not working at the present time; have been receiving unemployment benefits, which ends next week. I have a tremendous amount of fear to go
    through an interview, so I have just signed up with AARP to help me get a job. I start work Tuesday through a Host Agency
    and there are times, I will get sick to my stomach from fear, Thank you for your prayers!
  • healing

    Please pray for Loraine. She has something wrong with her blood. She has started treatment on it, but it makes her very tired and weak. I just pray that God would be with her, and heal her. Give her strength. And she would make a full recovery. Thank you
  • Marriage and faith in trouble

    Wife left our home over 3 months ago unhappy in our marriage and not knowing what she wants in life. she is slowly starting to come back around talking with her friends from church. Please pray for our family to endure the pain and be resilient through this storm. Please pray for our wife and mother to our 3 children to find her peace and come back to Christ and her family that loves her.
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Max Lucado

A Worry-Free Life

Saturday, July 30th, 2016

Max's Message:

Look around you. You have reason to worry. The sun blasts cancer-causing rays. Air vents blow lung-clotting molds. Potato chips have too many carbs. Vegetables, too many toxins. Ado they have to call an airport a terminal?.... Some of us...

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