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  • nclex testing

    I would like to ask for a prayer request as I am taking my NCLEX RN exam and this is the biggest thing I have ever done and I am very nervous and really want to pass this test. I know that nothing is impossible and that working hard pays off and I have studied and studied and really want to get that test out of the way and become who I've always dreamed off. Thanks for your prayers!
  • eviction and homelessness

    I am facing both and panicking. Not sure where to turn as I have no family, no friends.


    Please pray for my Nephew

    His name is Max

    He was born 16/12/2009

    So he is a four year Boy

    Please pray for his Spiritual Protection

    And that he will be provided for

    Let him not have a worry in the World

    And may he do well at school next year

    And may my mother be a shinning light for him



    And may we experience a hope for the future




  • Voice message

    I want to thank Ann for the voicemail this afternoon for my pledge to the station. I been having a rough time at work as a new Supervisor and almost quite my job last night. I could easily find another $12.50 an hour job. I like the management team but lately expectations are tough.
    Anyway this morning I was walking around the Recovery house I run in Cd'A asking "What am I doing here? I could make one simple private message and be relocated to Florida for a job with an old High School friend remodeling his real estate investments making $15 to start."
    Then the phone rang this afternoon with Ann thanking me for my pledge. In her soothing gentle voice I heard the kindness I've always known from the people here my whole life.
    Anyway Thank You Thank You so much for the reminder that I live in the best part of the world.
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Max Lucado

Love Is All You'll Find

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

Max's Message:

Water must be wet. A fire must be hot. You can't take the wet out of the water and still have water. You can't take the heat out of fire and still have fire. In the same way, you can't take the love out of [God]... and still have him exist....

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