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  • New House!

    I have been looking for so long and haven't been able to find a house for my children & I due to one thing after another I had some hard times before my children were born but since have got my life slowly back together and have maintained long term employment with great references. Today I went and applied for a home and am really needing all the prayers I can get I know the Lord provides and will bless my little family thank you all!
  • financial

    I am asking you for your prayers that My Father God give me all of His, Wisdom, Strength, Insight, Understanding. Knowledge, Power, to apply to my everyday life.. For me to apply all of the fruits of the Holy Spirit in my everyday life.. And for me to be obedient to all that my Father God tells me to do.. For My Father God to open up the windows of heaven and pour out on me in abundance all of His richest blessings that I may not contain them all or understand it.. For My Father God to put a woman in my life to be my Wife, and for Him to bless us completely and thoroughly.. Thank You Very Much..!!!
  • car

    My car is having problems and it couldn't have happened at a worse time in my life. I don't know how I am suppose to cover everything. I cry myself to sleep each night. I feel like I am trapped in a scenario like the movie Groundhog's Day and it will never end. I need my car to work and I need God to move on other things. Thanks for the prayers!
  • salvation

    my cousins are not saved.please pray for them.
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Max Lucado


Thursday, May 28th, 2015

Max's Message:

Jesus was touchable, approachable, reachable.... He was the kind of fellow you'd invite to watch the Rams-Giants game at your house. He'd wrestly on the floor with your kids, doze on your couch, and cook steaks on your grill. He'd laugh at...

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