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  • brother-in-laws cancer

    my brother in laws cancer is getting worse. he was in the hospital last week with fluid in his lungs and the pain is getting worse. they are going to try a new drug on monday but say it is getting worse.. i pray for his healing but know that the final word is Gods.. thank you for praying for his healing.God bless
  • need prayer for my mom

    My mom just turned 80 last month, we lost my dad last May..My mom has in a sense gotten her life back. on Friday she went in to urgent care... was told she had a virus.. was given meds and sent home... on sunday she went to the hospital cause she had trouble breathing. they checked all her blood work and tests and said they agreed she had this virus thing and was sent home.. on monday morning she was coughing up blood... went to the hospital again.. and she was admited with pnemonia in her left lung... by tuesday she had sepsus... and wed.. the bacteris in her lungs is leaking into her back muscle tissue... Now they put her on a cpap machine to help her breathe.. and today her other lung is infected. so they sent her to a specialist in high line hospital who deal with respitory matters... and now she is in a medical coma and has a breating tube in.prayer for recovery please
  • Custody of granddaughter

    My granddaughter lived with me for 13 years, since she was 16 months old. Now her mother is trying to get custody of her and my granddaughter wants to continue living with me. Next Wednesday the Judge will give her decision in Court as to who will be granted custody. Please pray that I will be granted custody so that my granddaughter will continue to be raised in a Christian home.
  • suicidal son update

    Thank you to all who prayed for my son David. I believe the Lord is working in his life. Please continue to pray the Lord will bring this beloved sheep back to His fold for good and with that, David will have true and renewed hope for his future.

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Sunday, April 26th, 2015

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We need one day in which work comes to a screeching halt. We need one twenty-four period in which the wheels stop grinding and the motor stops turning. We need to stop..... There is a verse that summarizes many lives, "Man is a mere phantom...

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