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  • Heart to beat

    I'm struggling with allowing my heart to beat again after a painful divorce 6 years ago. I've met a wonderful Christian man, but am afraid to open up and love. Pray that I can tell my heart to beat again (Danny Gokey).
  • Anxiety

    Please pray that I will learn to let God control my thoughts and not the enemy. Pray that I will trust in God's word over the lies. Thank you.
  • Daughter

    Jenny, my daughter has been looking for a job for 5 years and has been unable too. She went back to school but still cannot get a job to support herself.Pray for a job, and she would also like to meet a Christian man. I praying for financial
    stability.and a relationship. Thank you!
  • My friend's surgery

    My friend is undergoing surgery this morning. She was diagnosed with a type of cancer. She is battling her insurance since it does not want to cover the expenses. Please help me pray for her health, she may be drawn closer to God and the other medical/financial issues she is facing.
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Max Lucado

Your Personal Blessing

Friday, April 29th, 2016

Max's Message:

What an incredible sentence. "God will praise each one of them." Not "the best of them" nor "a few of them" nor "the achievers among them," but "God will praise each one of them." You won't be left out. God will see to that. In fact, God...

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